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Commitment to Excellence is Allied Food & Extract Industries Limited operating philosophy. As a leading pineapple processing company, Allied Food & Extract Industries Limited is committed to our vision to be a world-class competitor in the global pineapple processing business.

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We are committed to delivering long-term value to all our business associates, our employees, communities, and customers by focus on world class pineapple products that are organically grown and free of any manmade chemicals.

Our Missions

Allied Food & Extract Industries Limited provide leadership on pineapple processing industries. Our mission is to be recognized by our business associates and competitors as one of the top pineapple processing industry in our region and to make sure that our productivity translates into prosperity and growth for everyone involved with our pineapple processing industry.

Our Services

Allied Food & Extract Industries Limited is a dynamic food processing industry that is able to efficiently provide the custom tailoring to our business associates needs. It is important for us to provide natural organic food products that are nutritious and free of any manmade chemicals.Building on our strong reputation, we will continue to grow our business and thrive on our long-term success.

Our Products

Commitment to Excellience is Allied Food & Extract industries Limited operation philosophy. Allied Food & Extract Industries Limited processes its pineapple products from one of highest quality of pineapples that are organically grown in this region.We are committed to provide high quality processed and row organic pineapple products to our business associates around the world.