About Allied Food & Extract Industries Limited:

Allied Food & Extract Industries Limited is Bangladeshi food processing company initiated in the year of 2000. Allied Food & Extract Industries Limited processes its pineapple products from one of highest quality of pineapples that are organically grown in this region.We are committed to provide high quality processed and row organic pineapple products to our business associates around the world.

Our processing plant is equipped with the state of the art technology. Our products are mandate with all the required quality assurance tests and certifications, such as the HACCP, BRC, and ISO Certifications.

Our comparative prices and fair payment methods makes us one of the leading business model in the world. We produce best quality Pineapple products with signature quality control and innovative packaging technology. As a dynamic food processing industry we are goal specific and goal oriented. We are able to efficiently provide the custom tailoring to our business associates needs.

It is important for us to provide natural organic food products that are nutritious and free of any manmade chemicals. We endeavor to flourish strong consumer and business relations among our business associates throughout the globe, thus we bring the best of Bangladesh to the global business world.